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IDEAL 2000

IDEAL 4000

IDEAL uPVC window series

IDEAL 5000

IDEAL 8000

Although windows comprise only 8 % of the entire building envelope they cause almost 40 % of the building’s heat loss.

It is therefore all the more important to select the appropriate system according to your individual requirements. aluplast offers countless uPVC window systems that are compatible with each other and meet the requirements of the different local markets.

The advantages of the IDEAL-series

  • uPVC windows require low maintenance

  • uPVC windows have an average service life of 30 years

  • modern technologies guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as burglary resistance

  • enormous energy savings potential and recyclability protect the environment

  • New window technologies eliminate the thermal bridge “steel reinforcement” in the sash and frame (energeto®)

  • Available in countless décor finishes

  • uPVC windows are available in various shapes, e.g. round-arched or triangular windows

  • uPVC windows are highly cost-efficient

  • Plastics (PVC) are resistant to weathering, exhaust gases and cleansing agents

  • Due to the durable material PVC your windows will not lose value in the long term – and therefore your home will neither

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