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Every DURABELLA home conservatory and window system is manufactured to the special needs and demands of our customers. Their singularity is manifested in unique form and future use but also in the right choice of materials, the surface quality and the color. Our products thus merge perfectly with your expectations and budget framework.

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Glass as a material plays a key role in conservatory and window constructions. Firstly, glass allows the entrance of light  and maximum transparency. Secondly, modern glazing meets the requirements for increased energy awareness. Triple insulated glazing is used more often nowadays. In combination with thermally-insulated aluminium profiles, it offers excellent thermal insulation, even up to passive house level.


Colors & surface finishes

We offer a wide range of colors and coatings. Whether gloss, matt or textured surfaces in your desired colour, style and appearance are perfectly and harmoniously matched to the existing building and to your personal taste.

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Anodize Colors 

Anodize Colors primera foto materials an




Sublime- Aluminum wood grain Colors.png
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