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Comfort, well-being and control

Intelligent building technology helps here. Home is where we feel quite secure and can wind down. The violation of this feeling of security by a burglary is difficult to come to terms with. A burglary is a massive invasion of privacy. It doesn't have to come to that. Today's security technology offers a great deal of preventive precautionary measures. Ask our advisers about the available security systems.

Security accessories

DURABELLA'S products are individual and adapt themselves to the customer's needs and the installation situation with regard to security. DURABELLA offers a selection of products and security accessories for increased burglar protection in order to be able to supply a clever, bespoke solution every time.

Safety Security window & door hinges (es
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Anti ballistic - bulletproof.png

DURABELLA GROUP offers suitable solutions. All components can be perfectly matched to one another in order on the whole to meet the applicable safety regulations. Bullet-proof versions are available on enquiry.

Bulletproof special glazing

Safety glasses

Laminated safety glass (LSG) offers optimum protection against injury, since the glass shards adhere to the film and the films protect against falling through and down.

LSG also impresses with its very good burglar resistance, since the transparent films in the glass structure are difficult to overcome.

Shading & Security 

Safety glass - al lado de

Glass balustrade

DURABELLA glass balustrades* meet the very highest quality and safety standards. Invisibly attached, they blend optimally into the overall architectural surroundings. The transparent balustrade without a distracting handrail meets the full fall protection requirement for the minimal windows® product line.

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