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Glass horizontal sliding walls for indoor and outdoor areas

 In addition to KELLER products, we also offer to our customers high-quality folding-sliding walls from Sunflex®. KELLER presents systems in varying designs which can be configured to your preferences.

The individual glass leaves are not connected and can be parked in a space-saving manner at any point. The system has no bottom rail and so requires no structural connections at floor level. This makes the glass sliding walls ideal room dividers and partition walls.

Horizontal sliding walls

19800-alumil-Bifolding doors.jpg

The single-track sliding system can be created in the following designs:

  • As a whole-glass construction without surrounding aluminium profile in tempered safety glass

  •  With surrounding profile in aluminium, optionally also thermally insulated with double glazing


In this system, whole window façades can be opened quickly and parked at the edge of the opening to save space. The connected windows can be folded optionally outwards or inwards. The great plus of the folding-sliding walls is their variety. Choose from wooden or aluminium frames and different glass thicknesses to get the right product for any requirement. They can be combined with KELLER home conservatories and equally installed in existing buildings.

Folding-sliding walls

SF-85 High Preformance.jpg
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