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S700 is the top-ranked Lift & Slide system

The Lift & Slide System Supreme S700 represents the new generation of Durabella's high-end systems. It is an excellent solution for projects with demanding requirements, meeting the trend of "transparent" architecture through extensive glass surfaces, with high thermal insulation, safety and modern design. It's minimal design and its various innovative characteristics, make it the ideal option for projects requiring high spans for enhanced daylight, outstanding performance and maximum ease of use.

S700 Lift & Slide.jpg

S560 Large span Lift & Slide

S560 is a robust lift & sliding system that provides high level of thermal insulation, flexibility in construction and is ideal for large openings. S560 offers flexibility given that it helps buildings windows & doors for small or very large spans. It offers quality constructions because of the profiles' stiffness and enables both internal and external "framing" for a stronger connection of the profiles.

LIFT & SLIDE S560.jpg

M14600 Sliding non insulated system

M14600 is Durabella's brand new sliding system with extremely elegant lines, incorporating all the expertise of ALUMIL Group. It meets the modern architectural trends and the requirements for especially high performances and is the ideal solution for areas with warmer climate.

M14600 Banner.jpg

S650 Minimal Slide system

Durabella's new sliding thermal insulation system s650 is the ideal solution for wide spans with extensive glazing surfaces that offers elegant constructions with high functionality, performances and minimal architectural design. This Supreme system S650 is considered one of the most modern options as it incorporates multiple innovative and unique features. The system's main advantage is the improvement of living conditions by maximizing the natural lightning and minimizing the visible aluminum face width, which makes the residents feel closer to the external environment and increase the sense of freedom.

S650 Minimal Sliding Door.jpg

PHOS12500 Sliding system

Durabella's M12500 PHOS is the new ingenious sliding system of ALUMIL for minimal sliding frames, which maximize natural lightning. Its unique design is completely in the line with the latest architectural Sliding non insulated system.

PHOS M12500.jpg
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