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Minimal Windows

Minimalist design sliding windows and sliding doors 
– transparency for innovative architecture!

Modern contemporary architecture - pared down to the essentials! 
Clean lines, balanced proportions and one element which plays a very particular role - light.
Whether an exclusive villa, detached house, apartment or business complex, open interiors and maximum 
daylight admission  with unobstructed views to the outside are high on the list of priorities for today’s building clients.

the frameless sliding window design

The desire for design and exclusivity is more than met by Durabella’s premium sliding and fixed window system. The frame profiles are pared back to the minimum and can be fully integrated into the floor, walls and ceiling. Only the slimline leaf profiles with 21 or 26 mm facing width are visible. Up to 98% of the area is therefore glass.

barrier - free

The variety of system configuration options ensures a degree of practical flexibility which leaves nothing to be desired. Up to four-track sliding systems, glass-to-glass inside and outside corners, floor, ceiling and wall-flush installation and wall-inlets into which sliding elements disappear completely into the brickwork are all possible. The floor area is free of bothersome thresholds and thus barrier-free. It creates a seamless transition from inside to outdoors.

High-performance tracks and rollers in stainless steel guarantee easy-action manual operation, high operating safety and durability. You can opt alternatively to have the sliding elements, which can weigh up to 1000 kg, electrically driven.  This guarantees maximum operating comfort.

easy-action operation

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