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The customers of DURABELLA GROUP expect their purchased home conservatories and window systems to function just as well and provide the same pleasure even after many years. To achieve this objective we select only materials and components which correspond to high quality standards and which are long-lasting. We pay attention to the smallest details and perfect finish. To ensure that you remain happy with our products for many years, we use only high-quality aluminium and high-strength materials . Also, the knowledge and experience of our employees is essential. Many processes are still performed by hand in order to ensure the high quality standards.

DURABELLA has been producing in San Juan, Puerto Rico since ____. 

What started as a small operation is now a globally-operating company with numerous business partners. One thing has stayed although unchanged – the seeking for absolute perfection and top quality. Moreover, the main focus of everything we do is our customers, their wishes and needs.

Made in Puerto Rico

We use the best quality aluminium profiles which have been extruded especially for our product lines and we work with trusted partners and suppliers to make certain that the products made in our factory are of absolutely top quality. Every home conservatory is fully preassembled and tested at the factory before it is delivered to its future owner. New product series and components are exhaustively tested and optimised before they our delivered to our customers.

Fully pre-assembled

Pure top quality

Our customers want a product of exclusive quality. Every construction is made-to-measure with high quality aluminium profiles which are processed with the utmost precision. With our extensive expertise,  with every product from DURABELLA, you get the best quality, the longest service life and the best service. Giving our costumers an investment for life.

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