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For the highest standards of aluminium windows and aluminium doors.

DURABELLA uses  top-quality thermally isolated aluminium profile systems for its aluminium windows and aluminium doors. The high-quality aluminium window and door elements impress with their elegant details in a slimline, beautiful aluminium look. KELLER supplies its aluminium windows and doors as side-hung, bottom-hung, turn / tilt, top-hung versions, parallel opening tilt and slide and large-scale folding and sliding systems.


People who value absolute top quality in workmanship and installation choose KELLER. All vertical aluminium windows and doors impress down to the tiniest detail thanks to outstanding material quality and perfect workmanship. A wide range of different decorative covers, glazing beads, door and window handles and concealed fittings underline the exclusive character of the aluminium elements and offer numerous individual design options.

Outstanding material quality and perfect workmanship

Aluminium – a proven material

Windows and doors are amongst the most frequently stressed components of a house. Wind and rain, strong temperature fluctuations, environmental influences and mechanical stresses constantly take their toll. Aluminium is proven to be more weather-resistant than plastic and it permits very slender and beautiful structures in any colour.

Horizontal Tilt.png

The thermal separation comprises a new composite system for aluminium half profiles using triple-chamber insulating bars with additional insulation and special seals in the rebate regions. This leads to very low heat loss which reduces heating energy consumption and so also lowers emissions. Aluminium windows impress through their extraordinary thermally insulation properties 

Exceptional heat insulation

  • Outstanding static properties

  • High design freedom in a glass-aluminium look

  • Manufactured in very slender facing widths

  • Large window areas for more light

  • High-quality, thermally isolated window profiles

  • Weatherproof powder coating in all RAL colours

  • Easy to care for and clean

  • No preserving coating necessary

Aluminium windows – your benefits:

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